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Tim Razor Sharp's Rap

He’s got this team of cancer dudes,
white coats and brains and all
They’re changing lives, they’re saving lives from something that’s so small

They’ve found this sign, a fail-safe sign, that’s sometimes in your pee
But Lord it takes some funding to be in your surgery.

It’s only small, but I’m tellin y’all, this tiny gland can kill
So have respect and get it checked then maybe others will

So come on all you men out there, don’t let this thing phase ya
Stand by me, save some lives and ditch that goddam razor

Let it Grow Bro! 

Now come on all you men out there, don’t let this thing phase ya
Stand by me, save some lives
And ditch that goddam razor

We’re growing beards to save men’s lives
all through this October
so join our team, shout and scream, Movember, just move over

Tell your mother, tell your father,

tell your sister, tell your brother

What you’re doing boys and girls is helping our Prof Pandha

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1. Grow a beard...

​2. Sponsor someone to grow a beard

3. Grow a team beard, we're calling ours 'Roy' but we're open to suggestions 

4. Enter a beardy pub quiz (see questions below) at one of our participating pubs 

5. Can't grow a beard? No problem, why not buy one of our beanies, download a stick mask or knit one!

6. Record and post your own Rap (see lyrics below)

7. Display our posters (men's loos are a great place), and use our digital banners on your website or email signature

8. Grab one of our boxes! e-mail us on  info@octobeardfest.co.uk to request one

Whether you show your support with facial hair, wearing one of our (lets face it) pretty awesome beanies or simply by donating, help us spread the word and eventually eliminate prostate cancer.
To donate to this fine cause, please click on the link below:

 The Prostate Project   |   Registered Charity No: 1078523   |   Tel: 01483 419 501   |   info@prostate-project.org.uk