If you want to do it the old fashioned way, keep track of your sponsors with our sponsorship form.

OFBSponsorship Form

Set up your own fund-raising  page

  • Click on ‘MyDonate’ button below:

  • From the Event page click on ’Start Fundraising’
  • If you haven’t registered to BT MyDonate before click on the ‘Personal registration’ tab and fill in your details
  • Once you’ve created your BT MyDonate account you will need to set up your own fundraising page by going to the ‘my fundraising' options and creating your own page 
  • Link your page to OctoBeardFest by clicking on 'Join an organised event' and finding us by the event name ‘OctoBeardFest’ or the charity ‘The Prostate Project'
  • Once there follow the instructions by setting your own targets, adding a photo and growing that bushy beard
  • Share your page with your friends, family and colleagues!

Team Beard'ing!

​Growing a beard can be an itchy business and can be far more fun if you and your colleagues or friends are facing the same experience.  Setting up a team gives you a great sense of camaraderie, united by the effort, stubble at the ready, waiting to see who can grow the best ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Van Gough’. You may want to challenge other departments, rival companies, suppliers, pubs, to see who can grow the best Beard or build the biggest team of beards.  Whether you raise £5 or £5,000, you will have a great sense of achievement in knowing that you have made a difference by raising vital funds and awareness about the importance of detecting prostate cancer early. If you want to get your organisation involved, sign up a team and start recruiting. You can order a free Support Pack by contacting us at
Last year, hundreds of brave men put down
their razors for us during October and stopped shaving.  By 31 October, the results were patchy on the hair front, but impressive with the fundraising.  It’s dead easy to join us on the hairy journey this year; simply fill in the form on the right and then set up your fundraising page. 

 Get your friends and relatives to support your efforts and to make it more fun, why not give your highest sponsor the honour of choosing which shape your beard should be shaved into?      
 We have lots of ways we can help you get the most from your beard growing, so please do contact us at info@octobeardfest.co.uk


By registering to OctoBeardFest and growing a beard you are supporting vital research and helping cure prostate cancer. LET IT GROW BRO.  

 The Prostate Project   |   Registered Charity No: 1078523   |   Tel: 01483 419 501   |   info@prostate-project.org.uk