Together we have raised an amazing £200,000 in just 3 years through our OctoBeardFest prostate cancer research appeal.

​It is funding vital diagnostic research and clinical trials to create a simple, more accurate test to catch prostate cancer early.

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Our Hairy Journey So Far​ 
to Beat Prostate Cancer


Early detection is the cure – and would save more than 11,000 lives lost to the disease every year in the UK.

Our journey so far:

  • In 2013 you helped us raise £62,000 to develop Prof Pandha’s simple EN2 urine test that is 50% more accurate at detecting prostate cancer than the 30 year old PSA test.
  • In 2014 you helped us raise £84,000 which is now funding a vital 500 man clinical trial to test the EN2 urine test with our partner Randox Laboratories, one of the world’s leading diagnostics companies.  We hope this will lead to regulatory approval and clinical use in GPs surgeries within 18 months.
  • In 2015 we raised a total of £54,000 which enabled us to reach this fantastic 3 year total of £200,000. This funding will help support research into identifying EN2 and other biomarkers in exosomes, tiny particles that are shed by prostate cancer cells. Their make-up can reveal how aggressive the cancer is and determine the type of treatment needed.

​But we need more money to continue this work. So please get involved, ditch that razor in October and grow a beard.  Together we can help to beat prostate cancer.

For more information about prostate cancer, please visit the Prostate Project's website.